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For any assistance you may contact our support team.

: +91 9073901979


Follow the steps for proper installation of the Plugin :

  • 1. Login to Admin Panel using proper credentials.
  • 2. In the Admin Panel you will find Settings -> Plugin:
  • 3. Navigate to the Plugin .
  • 4. Click on the Upload Zip button for installing the Plugin.
  • 5. Upload the Plugin Zip.
  • 6. If all is ok then you will see the Plugin in the list of the plugin manager with deactivate status.
  • 7. Activate the Plugin in the list of plugin manager.
  • 8. If all is ok then you will see that your plugin is activated and a menu for your plugin will come Under Settings.
  • 9. Go to Settings -> Megamenu Settings , you will find the default settings, you can update the settings accordingly.
  • 10. Then go to header.html.twig and go to line no 93, just below of line of 93 paste the following snippet code.

Snippet Code

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