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Handling multiple inventories in the e-Commerce business would look like a herculean challenge, the possibilities of error and mismatch is always there. But with the advent of technology, the scenario is changing altogether with the barcoding of the products. The manual hassles have been minimized through the bar codes. The large amount of time saved because of manual laboring also reduces the price of the product and increases its competitiveness in the market. Through the bar code, products can easily be categorized into different categories and better management of the goods can be ascertained. Different bar code scanner aps have also helped the consumers consume goods and services. The use of bar code in the e-commerce emphatically reduces the employee training time and increases the productivity. As an owner of an e-Commerce website, you can easily generate the bar code for the product you offer and make it more competitive in the market.


Steps to be followed to integrate this plug in.

  • Login to your store admin panel
  • Go to Product Section
  • Find the generate barcode button in product listing page on top menu.
  • Select product(s) and generate barcode

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