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Cartface is a fantastic platform but lacks support for multilingual storefronts. For this precise, store owners have to live with one language only. But clients, on the other hand, buy products from all around the globe and wish your store to be accessible in their ideal language. A lot of possible clienteles might also leave your store if they are not comfortable with the language. Why Website Translator App?

  • Be accessible to new customers around the globe by translating the shop into innumerable languages
  • Surges the website traffic by making the translated versions available to any search engine
  • Initiate the process of translation without any coding


Steps to be followed to integrate this plug in.

  • Get the pluging and install it in your store
  • Copy the code snippet from this page
  • Goto to theme editor
  • Open desigred file (e.g.header.html.twig)
  • Paste the code

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